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Eva Bruha, from Switzerland, runs Kalyana Centre Dingle and is the resident teacher. She has spent over 25 years practicing mindfulness meditation under the guidance of renowned teachers in the East and in the West. She spent altogether over three years in intensive silent retreats in Burma, Thailand, Europe and the US. 

Here is some more information about Eva's background as a meditation and MBSR teacher.

The heart's voice

I started my spiritual journey in 1987. At that time I discovered 'the heart's voice' through a daily and intensive practice of sounding - using the outer voice to access the heart's voice. Up to this point I had cared very much for everybody else but forgotten about myself.

In 1990 this wonderful practice of sounding brought me onto the path of silent Vipassana meditation.
My passion for meditation practice - and the happiness and freedom that can be gained from it - is ever since the main focus of my life.

Spiritual Pilgrimage

In 1990 started what I call my 'spiritual pilgrimage' -10 years of travelling and practicing with different Masters in Europe, Asia and the U.S. 

In 1990 I sat my first silent retreat with Marcel Geiser in Switzerland, then went on to practice with Fred Von Allmen, Christina Feldmann (www.gaiahouse.co.uk) and Christopher Titmuss (www.insightmeditation.org).

In 1992 I spent some time at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland (www.findhorn.org) and then two months at Amaravati Monastery in England (www.amaravati.org) - my first experince of a Buddhist Monastic tradition.

In January 1992 I travelled to Bodhgaya, the place of Buddha Shakyamuni's enlightenment, and stayed for 18 months in Asia, travelling and practicing. 

During this time I underwent an intensive 6 months silent meditation training at Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre in Rangoon, Burma, under the guidance of Sayadaw U Janaka. A life transforming experience around my 40th birthday, for 5 of the 6 months intensive practice I was ordained as a buddhist nun - Ma Kalyani - therefore the name 'Kalyana Centre'.

After only a few months back in Switzerland (to work) I travelled on to the U.S. in the autumn of 1994 to attend a 3-month retreat at IMS, the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachussettes (www.dharma.org). I practiced under the guidance of Carol Wilson and Michelle McDonald, deepening the understanding with more intensive practice but under easier western conditions - and supported by these two wonderful female teachers.

Then I spent almost a year in the U.S., travelling, visiting new Dharma friends as well as practicing with more teachers. I even had the good fortune to practice for a month under the guidance of the very famous Sayadaw U Pandita of Burma. The teacher of many of 'my' teachers.

Once again back in Switzerland I worked to raise funds for the next adventure.
In 1995 and '96 I spent 18 months at IMS in the U.S. as a retreat manager in the front office of this big meditation centre - IMS can hold up to 100 meditators and offers retreats all year round. A wonderful opportuniy to experience Sangha, a community of meditators, as well as having the good fortune to meet and listen to many meditation teachers.

In 1997 I attended the first of many retreats with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, a Dzogchen Master, deeply appreciating the teachings of this Tibetan Tradition.(www.tsoknyirinpoche.org)

In 1999 I attended another 3-month retreat at IMS, Mass., this time under the guidance of the beloved Joseph Goldstein and Sarah Doering.

At the end of 1999 I started to live and work in Beatenberg, helping to establish this Meditation Centre in the Swiss alps (www.karuna.ch).

Sharing the Dharma

Between 2002 and 2005 I attended the DFP, the Dharma Facilitator Program, under the guidance of Christopher Titmuss. In 2004 I was authorised by him to teach. I'm deeply grateful for his trust in my ability to pass on the Dharma.

During the 3 years of living and managing retreats in Beatenberg I again met and listened to talks of many accomplished meditation teachers. I also recorded a CD with songs by different Masters. You can hear a sample here.

In November 2003 I moved to Ireland where I started to offer meditation workshops and retreats, partly by myself, partly with my then partner. For 6 years I lived very remotely. It often times felt like being in retreat - with the joyful addition of helping to bring up a beautiful young girl. During that time Kalyana Centre came into being.

In 2008 I attended the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher development retreat offered by the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice of Bangor University, Wales. A 60 hour teacher training in Mindfulness-Based Approaches. I have now taught almost 50 MBSR courses in Kerry. I'm also a certified MBSR teacher with the IMA, Institute for Mindfulness based Approaches (intitute-for-mindfulness.eu). Newly I'm also a part of the teacher body of the IMA as well as offering Supervision to trainees and anyone who'd like to benefit from my experience.

Whenever time and money allow, I continue to attend formal silent meditation retreats. I've again spent 6 weeks in Burma in December 2015/January 2016, practicing with different teachers. I also sit self retreats when ever possible.

The most demanding teacher is life itself - and sometimes relentlessly so. I am deeply grateful for the guidance and support I received over the years from many wise teachers and dharma friends and for this ongoing journey that truly is a way to overcome suffering.

In 2010 I moved to Dingle, and established Kalyana Centre as a residential mindfulness meditation centre.   

My goal is to make Mindfulness Meditation accessible to everyone, regardless of age and cultural or religious background. It is important to understand that you don't have to be a Buddhist to learn and benefit from the practice of Mindfulness.

Eva Bruha
Eva Bruha

Ma Kalyani (Eva) with a young Burmese meditator in Rangoon in 1993.

Garden in Kalyana Centre

Summer garden at Kalyana Centre 2014

"Turning the Heart to the Dharma..."to the nature of things as they are.

CD: Turning the Heart to the Dharma

Eva’s song is an expression of moment to moment presence with the sound and the truth of the poems. Eternal wisdom sung right into your heart.

Listen to Whether awake or asleep, by Ryokan

Ryokan (1758-1831) is one of Japan's best-loved poets. His name means "good heart", like the heart of a loving parent - one who doesn't judge, who accepts us as we are. Here, Eva sings his poems to original melodies.

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