Meditation Retreats at the Kalyana Centre

Retreats 2018

Sunday 29th
Celebrating 7 years Kalyana Centre in Dingle

An opportunity to rejoice, get together for tea, chat and some sitting meditation
2 - 5pm.

If you'd like to join, please text until April 27nd 087-2712662


4th to 7th 
Feile na Bealtaine in Dingle 
The Art of Living

During this weekend Eva will again offer a mindfulness meditation
drop -in class Friday to Sunday.
Fee: € 5
Text Eva a few days before if you can committ to join: 087-2712662

Friday 18th to Sunday 20st  
weekend retreat 

Awakening Joy
We will practice mindfulness meditation and cultivate qualities that bring well-being to our heart and mind. With these qualities we can then tap into that place where things are not just difficult, but where we can find kindness, compassion, gratitude and generosity and go about our life with more inner strength, even if the circumstances don't get easier.

Location: Kalyana Centre Dingle
Start Friday 7pm, end Sunday 2pm
Fee: € 210 for food, accommodation and teaching
To sign up: write to to receive an application form
Because of the limited accommodation at Kalyana Centre, men have to find accommodation nearby, unless the weather is good enough for camping in the garden! Contact Eva for details.


1st to 3rd
IMA MBSR teacher training in Germany

29th to July 1st
IMA MBSR teacher training in Dublin



3rd to 8th
5-day summer retreat in Cloghane/Brandon
Who am I? And how am I living this life?
Silent 5-day retreat for those to want to deepen their practice. You will be guided in practicing mindfulness meditation in sitting and walking, standing and lying down. We'll also use some sound awareness at the beginning of the retreat to help focus the mind. There will be sessions of Metta/Loving Kindness and compassion meditation. There will be check-ins with Eva most days to talk about your practice. If the weather allows it we will go for a silent walk at some point during the week. 

Location: Mount Brandon Hostel Cloghane Village, at the shore of the sea. 
Start Tuesday 7pm, ends Sunday 2pm 
Fee: € 480 including single room, food, organisation as well as the teaching and guidance throughout the days.
To sign up: contact Eva at and ask for an application form.
If you're not sure if this retreat is for you, please contact Eva


31st to Sept 2nd
IMA MBSR teacher training in Germany


no retreats offered in September


A day of practice

Location: Kalyana Centre Dingle
Start: 11am, end 5pm
Fee: € 45 includes a light lunch and beverages
To sign up contact 

26th to 31st 
5-day autumn retreat
Opening heart and mind

Practicing mindful awareness and compassion we'll practice with the fragilitly of the heart. Opening and closing, it is responding to outer circumstances and our own thoughts. Either fearful and protecting our selves from that which is not acceptable - or with warmth and joy where we can trust. We all need to protect ourselves many times, withdraw sometimes or make difficult decisions. But we all can also expand the heart at times, overcome fear, strenghten our minds capacity and face the inner and outer world with courage that comes from a place of wisdom and self-care.

Location: Kalyana Centre Dingle
Start: Friday October 26th 7pm, ends 31st 2pm
Fee: € 430, includes food, shared accommodation, organisation and teaching.
To sign up contact Eva at for an application form.


16th to 18th
IMA MBSR teacher training in Switzerland

December 2018/19

4-day New Year retreat for women
28th to 1st January 2019

Your way of celebrating - in a silent retreat

Location: Kalyana Centre Dingle
Fee: € 380 includes food, shared accommodation and teaching
To sign up email for an application form


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