Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

I'm not offering any MBSR courses at the moment. Over the internet you find other trained teachers offering this course.

I'm offering supervision for those who are training as MBSR teachers and for anyone who'd like this kind of support for the practice of MIndfulness as well as Loving Kindness. 
Do send me an email if your interested:

For more information about MBSR  click here

Awakening Joy

This 10-session course is based on the book ‘Awakening Joy’ by James Baraz. See YouTube video to watch an interview with James where he talks about the book that is the basis of the course. James is a very well known Meditation teacher in California and is co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Centre. The course is also available as an online

James is a friend of Eva and he is happy for her to teach this course here in Ireland.


The Awakening Joy course is offered again in Tralee, in the All Therapy Centre.
Start date: February 7th 2018, 11 - 1pm 10 Wednesday mornings, every other week.
The last session is June 20th.
Dates: February 7th, 21st, March 7th, 21st, April 11th, 25th, May 9th, 23rd, June 6th, 20th
Fee: € 210, reduced € 180.
To sign up: send an email to and I'll send you an application form.

Eva Bruha with James Baraz

Eva Bruha with James Baraz

Loving Kindness and Mindfulness

6-week-course in Tralee Winter 2018

In this 6-week course you will be introduced to Loving Kindness Meditation - a practice that is calming the mind and bringing peace and insight to the heart. The practice is done with mindful awareness, so that we are not pretending to be different than we are, but we're exploring a kinder attitude towards ourselves and others.


The sessions will be relaxing and informative, maybe even transformative. 
Also suitable for anyone who wants to further explore and deepen the practice of mindfulness after having done the MBSR course or an introduction course in mindfulness.


6 Thursday evenings, 7.30 - 9pm, starting February 8th.
Dates: February 8th, 15th, 22nd, March 1st, 8th, 15th. Venue: All Therapie Centre, 21 Rock Street Tralee
Fee: € 110 (can be paid in instalments), reduced € 90
E-mail for more information or to sign up.

To sign up, you will have to fill out an application form and send a €30 deposit  to Eva at Kalyana Centre, 40 John St, Dingle, Co. Kerry. 

Mindfulness Based Compassionate Ageing (MBCA)

6-week course in Dingle:, Thursday mornings, start February 8th
8-week course in Tralee: Thursday evenings, start April 26th


This is a new course and it is for you if you are 55 years old or (much) older and interested in bringning awareness to your ageing process.
Although we consider ourselves lucky when we get older in more or less good health, there are still many situations we have not experienced before. Many topics that are worthwhile discussing and reflecting for ourselves and together in a safe and peaceful environement. We will approach the different areas with mindful curiosity, reflecting, sharing and using mindful breathing to enhance inner calm and balance when we encounter something challenging. We will reflect about the physical and mental ageing, life circumstances that force us to let go in different ways, the loss of friends and relatives, maybe downsizing, caring for oneself and others in new ways, living alone or with an ageing partner, regrets about the past, worries about the future, anxieties about finances, the prospect of becoming more frail, thoughts about dying.  


Time: Dingle, 6 Thursday mornings, 10.30 to 12 noon, start February 8th
Time: Tralee, 8 Thursday evenings, 7.30 - 9pm, start April 26th 
Fee for 6-week course in Dingle: € 120, can be paid in instalments.
Fee for 8-week course in Tralee: € 160, can be paid in instalments
Location: Dingle Kalyana Centre
Tralee: All Therapy Centre
To sign up: contact Eva at and you'll receive an application form. This will have to be sent back with a deposit to secure your participation in the course.


Mindfulness course in Dingle

6-week course in Dingle, Monday evenings, start February 5th 
6-week Mindfulness course for those who want to know what this practice is about and how to bring it to your daily life. Also a wonderful refresher for those who have had an introduction before. The practice of mindfulness will make it easier to navigate through the big and small challenges we all encounter in our lives.

Time: 6 Monday evenings, 7 - 8.30 pm, start February 5th 
Fee: € 120, , reduced € 90, can be paid in instalments.
Location: 40 John Street Dingle
To sign up email or text 087-2712662

Drop-in sessions in Dingle

For those who have already had an introduction to mindfulness meditation or have an established mindfulness practice

We start again February 2018, Monday mornings 10 to 10.45 am. First time: February 5th.

Contact Eva before coming for the first time. 087-2712662


At these drop-in sessions, Eva offers the space and guidance for a 30 - 40 minute Meditation, sometimes followed by reflections relevant to the cultivation of wisdom and compassion. These classes are mostly for those who have had an introduction to mindfulness meditation. Guideline for contribution € 5.  If you're interested in joining, please call Eva before coming for the first time at 066-9152610 / 087-2712662. She will send out a text to those interested a few days ahead of the sessions.


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